Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have you picked out any names for your new kitty yet? :)

Yes. I like anchovy. Or just chovy for short. But i'll wait until i meet her to decide for sure

would smack my bitch up be your stripper song of choice? Or are you more of a firestarter girl?

No spitfire is more my style

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Do you hate car guards?

No what else would i do with all my change?

Do you ever worry and if so what's your biggest concern for yourself or the world in general?

I don't worry. I take a step back and see myself as only a little part in a big big world. I don't worry about the world either. It has a way of sorting itself out. Its been around for millions of years. I truely believe that things have a way of sorting itself out

Ask me anything

Why do Germans produce the best products, (I.E. BMW's, tiger tanks, dark chocolate, machine guns and of course women)

Its a secret passed down from hitler

Would you rather fly a fighter jet or drive a tank?

Fighter jet!

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If you could change one thing about modern day society what would it be?

I would make money obsolete and work on a barter system.

How do you go about getting revenge?

I would hurt the people closest to the one who wronged me in the same way i was hurt. That way the person can see what he did and live with the guilt

Ask me anything

Yeah this is definitely addictive

Why are you so mean?

Why do you think i'm mean? I don't think i'm mean. I think i'm honest

How would you go about surviving a zombie invasion?

Well firstly baracade myself up in a building of at least 2 stories. Living only on the top story. Building should be in an open field with a clear view all around. Close up all windows and doors leaving only one way out and one way in. Surround the place with landmines. Why does nobody ever think of landmines? Armoured truck a la death race to get supplies and then drive into the store and grab shit why does everyone park outside and walk inside?

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