Thursday, August 13, 2009

swine flu? really?


As some of you know i'm mexican (ok half) but don't assume this is the reason I wanna punch people in the boob for going on about swine flu, it is my common sense that compels me!

Quickly, don your paper masks! Stay indoors! The dirty Mexican pig influenza is here to sicken you!


I've said that I wont be commenting on this but my hands been forced.

Swine flu is NOT a big deal! Its like terrorism,it scares the shit out of you but theres next to fuck all chance of it actually happening to you.

How many people live in this country? About 45 million! How many have died? Who knows, some say two some say three only, one died of food poisoning and one is only a guess since it wasn't actually confirmed by doctors or family.

Would you like to know how many die of regular flu in South Africa? Around 10 000 each year. Now how much do you fucking worry when you get regular flu?

Scientist say this strain is relatively mild, so until swine learns to hijack a motherfucking plane don't talk to me about it!

And just in case you do have swine flu just remember its milder than regular flu so shut the fuck up and stop being fucking stupid

This blog is now about Lady GaGa's penis


Even without that bulge this is not a woman


  1. hahaha, love your blog, keep it up

  2. About 1 in 10 people in South Africa are dying from AIDS. We don't give a shit. 1 guy from CT dies from swindle flu and suddenly it's in the news.

    That's why we are third world: we follow world trends, we don't set them.

  3. i loooove the take on swine flu.

    and lady gaga. i love her, but she is not a woman. that picture makes me even more convinced of it.