Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the game

So there’s this book called “The Game”. The author Neil Strauss claims to be able to turn any old average fucking loser on the street into an irresistible sexual predator. He is a self professed loser who was unhappy with his life. Then he shaved his head called himself “The Style” and made it big with woman after using these techniques.


He researched the theories, tested them and copulated relentlessly for two years. Go you!

The Neg:

The PUA (pick up artist) makes an ambiguous statement or accidental insult to a beautiful woman the PUA has just met with the intent of actively demonstrating to her a lack of interest in her. My standard response to this would be pulling at my groin and saying :”Oh god you’re making dick so hard” – yeah dude, maybe not.

The Mystery Method

This is a technique based on the concept of an "indirect approach," befriending the companions of a target while ignoring her in order to make the PUA more attractive. This would then obviously make said target jump you across the table and beg you to do things with a straw that would make Jemma Jameson blush.Standard response? Moving on to someone who is interested/interesting (whichever) and not telling you about my friends crabs.



Apparenlty, dressing up in loud clothing or with flashy accoutrements in order to get attention from women works really well. Peacocking items include bright shiny shirts, light-up jewellery, feather boas, colourful cowboy hats, or anything else that makes one stand out in a crowd. In other words when going to a club dressed as if you’re going to a Gay Pride parade. This will make women love you!! And tell you how bloated they are and what you did with your boyfriend last night because that is what I do with my gay friends!


In a club, it's more a game of keeping a girl isolated from other guys than it is actually picking them up. The easy way to handle any other male is to be polite to him, but act disinterested by his rap/accomplishments using tonality/body language (without coming off as patronizing/sarcastic) while simultaneously being charming to others around you. This will drop his perceived value and cause him to qualify himself to try and raise it back up. He can't fight you or do shit like that, and he can't move to insults, because you've been polite and in doing so he would be making himself look VERY BAD. Listen boys, women fucking invented the passive aggressive fight – we know you’re doing it. Standard response? Giving you two a fucking ruler!

This is the hero:

Little on the old side, little on the short side, little on the bald side.

I don’t know if I should laugh or feel sorry for the men who use these techniques! These are men who act as if their virginity was merely misplaced and might one day be replaced, as if a dearth of sex will make them metamorphose into the socially awkward school ground laughing stock nightmares they used to be!

I also have no doubts that this crap actually works, many have told me that it does, but I highly fucking doubt this works on any sort of decent girl! If insulting them or ignoring works you should know you’re dealing with a very insecure and needy girl and this bitch will fucking stalk the shit out of you!! This right here is 24/7 PMS psycho shit you’re dealing with. But seriously… don’t take my word for it. Mr Strauss used these methods on Britney Spears to get a better interview out of her:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The other problem here is that these guys pick up women in clubs I’ve never heard of one doing it in the supermarket or library. . The main reason being: there they'll find plenty of girls who are easy party girls or needy and looking for some emotional validation. "Heeeeey! Laydeees. I'm Tosserino, we'll have to go back to yours to do the sex as my mom is always up late playing poker on the interweb”

If they came across a normal girl they wouldn’t know how to relate to them!


  1. Hehehe. I do so enjoy your perception of reality. Nice and refreshing.

  2. This clearly shows that you haven't ever read the book and probably just read a couple extracts off Wikipedia.

    I challenge you to go out and pick up the book before making such strong remarks, because this actually comes off as an unintelligent, bitter troll post.

    Before bashing something, do your research. Otherwise, your arguments are invalid.

    We all have the right to an opinion (as long as it doesn't degrade anybody), but please just inform yourself prior to making such statements.

  3. Go eat dog shit, you pathetic troll

  4. Opinions are like arseholes, "Josh" - we all have one (of both, that is...) Perhaps one day you'll find a steady balance between the two...

  5. its a good take... you're obviously very intelligent and fiesty.... thats hot!