Saturday, January 23, 2010

When did you and Jono first meet, who proposed and how?

We sort of met through a mutual friend Nick. Jono actually swore at me the first time we met. I was trying to set Nick up on a kind of blind date and Jono said well who the fuck are you? Because Nick is his friend and he wouldn't like me doing it. After the mess was cleared we fell in love but we were too afraid to say anything. Me because i didn't think Jono would date a friend's friend an him because he thought i had a thing for Nick. I told him i had feelings for him first and he asked me to marry him. It was very impulsive on his part. He just went out to buy a ring on the friday and he had this whole thing planned but it just came out on the friday night mid conversation. I guess he was too excited or nervous to wait

Ultimate hangover sandwich?

Sandwich? Are you kidding me? Wimpy breakfast is the only hangover cure

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