Friday, January 22, 2010

Who do you suspect pf reporting your FB profile and playing the dumbass on here?

I have a suspicion that it might be a girl who reported my profile pic but if they're trying to get to me they'll have to do a lot worse than calling me a slut

Have you completed any Tertiary Education?

Yes i have an art history degree and a masters in hair care and beauty

Do you think people who can't use apostrophes are douchecunts? For instance, contributor "your a slut". I vote for non-voluntary finger removal for all people who can't use an '.

Yeah, but don't be mean to them they're sad enough as it is

Better thαn fomsprng, try


Why are people so uptight about your comments? They are actually amusing

I don't know but i'm not a proctologist so its not my job to remove the sticks up their butts. If they don't like it they should double their prozac until they feel numb again

Iphone or blackberry ?

Blackberry. Iphone users need to download the 'be an individual' application

why am I attracted to psycho women, or women who have MAJOR issues? How do I find so many of them?

Firstly i think you need to cancel your subscription to farm animals monthly, get off gaydar and go to church to meet a nice boring girl you can take home to mum

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