Monday, January 11, 2010

I love Fuck

I just love the word Fuck!

I like the word fuck. I love the word fuck. If you know me you me you know I use it a fucking lot. That’s because it is a fucking great all fucking purpose word. It is the one magical word which just by its sound can describe pain, pleasure, love, and hate. You can use it in a sentence or just all by its lonesome. You can say it in many different word combinations. Try it.

VERB - Go fuck off.

ADJECTIVE -You are a fucking asshole buddy.

NOUN - You are a terrific fuck.

ADVERB - Now that is fucking interesting.

GREETING - How the fuck are you?

FRAUD - I got fucked by that crook.

DISMAY - Oh, fuck it!

TROUBLE - I'm fucked now!

CONFUSION - What the fuck?

AGGRESSION - Fuck you!

DISGUST - Fuck me

DESPAIR - Fucked again!

PHILOSOPHY - "Who gives a fuck?"

INCOMPETENCE - He's a real fuck-wit

DISPLEASURE - What the fuck is going on here?

NUMEROLOGY - Sixty-fuckin'-nine

LOST - Where the fuck are we?

DISBELIEF - Unfuckingbelievable

RETALIATION - Up your fucking ass!

REBELLION - Fuck it!

SATISFACTION - fuck me again!

DESCRIPTIVE ANATOMY - He's a fuckin' asshole!

TO TELL TIME - It's six-fucking-thirty.

PREDICTION - Well, I'll be fucked!


INCESTUOUS - Motherfucker

A PUT DOWN - Fuck off, buddy

ALL ENCOMPASSING - Fuck 'em all!


A POKER HAND- A royal fuck



ENJOYMENT - Fuckin' Wow!

A CLOSING - Fuckingly yours.

Never forget the quotes of some famous people in our history and in the present:

Michelangelo: "You want me to paint what on the fucking ceiling"

George Custer: “Where did all these Fucking indians come from?

Einstein: "Any fucker can understand that"

Mayor of Hiroshima: “What the fuck was that? “

John Wayne: "Fuck death and the lung cancer he rode in on."

Julius Malema: “These fucking white people!”

The mind fairly boggles at the many creative uses of the many creative uses of the word. How can anyone be offended when you say "FUCK"? Use fuck in your daily speech proudly. Fuck adds prestige to any conversextion. Put this colorful four letter word to work for you. Today tell someone you know "fuck you" ... or "Let's fuck!"

But where did this fucking word come from?

In England , fucking long ago, a person could not have sex unless you had consent of the King (unless you were in the Royal Family). When anyone wanted to have a baby, they requested consent from the King, the King then gave them a fucking placard that they hung on their door while they were having sex. The placard read: F.U.C.K (Fornication Under Consent of the King) written on it.

The first time it appeared in print was in 1503 in a poem by Dunbar.Then the great writer James Joyce published the word "Fuck" in his book "Ulysses" in 1922, nevertheless the word remained a major taboo in formal writing. "

Fuck was not widely used until after World War 2, in which it is seen in such acronyms as FUBIS (Fuck you buddy I'm shipping out) or FUBAR (Fucked up beyond all recognition) by sailors. Hence the term.. Swearing like a sailor. The true glory of the word "fuck" was not brought to its potential till the 1970's when it's meaning came to include "nothing", "bad luck", "the spirit, ex- kicking the fuck out of", and "indicating a difference of importance

The closest word to the English fuck is the German word "frikken" or the Norweigen word "fukken" all which mean to copulate. . In Swedish "focka" means to strike or push, "fock" describes a penis

So there you have it.


If this offended you.. I don’t give a fuck.