Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why you should be excited about the FIFA World Cup Draw

The draw is nigh!

And maybe you are ignorant as to why this is a big deal, so let me explain it to you.

All 32 teams name’s are thrown into a hat – a very expensive hat no doubt – and then drawn to see who will be playing who. The 32 countries are about to find out the names of their rivals, the ones they need to do battle against for the ultimate prize.

This is from the FIFA website

“Indeed, every Draw throws up at least one fiercely competitive section, where several traditional powers have to fight for the right to progress. Then there are the dark horses to contend with, quality teams which strive to spring a surprise and relish the opportunity to upset the game's established heavyweights.”

This means if South Africa gets drawn with a bunch of really (really really) shit teams we might actually see a semi final, on the other hand if Germany, France, Brazil and Italy (all previous winners)are together in a group somebody is gonna get fucked the hell up!

So I hear ya’ll say you don’t follow soccer and this is all really meaningless to you,

So lemme throw some numbers at you:

2000 is the number of guests coming to this little soiree.
600 is the number of accredited broadcasters and journalists bringing it live from CT to the world.
750 000 MILLION is the number of people who will be watching it, cpt, you!

The world looks onto South Africa and only sees the bad. “Oh look at the evil racist.” “oh look at its poor aids ridden citizens.” “oh look at the imbeciles running it.” “Oh look at how poor they are” And here finally we have a chance to show them something else. To show them what we’re really about. To show them that even though we have many issues we’re still up for a fucking party! To show them what that South African hospitality is all about!

All the years and months of preparation are finally coming to an end, and this, the Final Draw is where the action really begins! This is what it’s all about! This is what sets the tone for the entire World Cup.

They will be watching us pull this thing off, setting the tone of what The Cup will be like. What they can expect. What we can expect.

This is about more that just a game, this is about bringing folks together the way only sport can. Remember The World Cup Rugby in 1995? Remember how awesome that was? Remember how great you felt?

Well here is your chance to feel that way again, only now it’s awesome on global scale. So instead of bitching of how miserable your life is, how poor you are, how fucked the government is, how much you hate politics why don’t you take a time out and be a part of something that is bigger than you. Go stand in the middle of Long Street and scream out our anthem at the top of your lungs. Grab someone who looks foreign and say “hey mate! Where the fuck you from? That’s awesome, lemme buy you a beer, we have great fucking beer here!”

The only ones allowed to NOT be excited about the draw are the fucking Irish!

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  1. I like! but seeing as i do follow soccer i thought id point out that brazil germany france and italy cant all be drawn together as they are seeded. Four pools of team and one from each pool goes into each group to ensure that we dont get a slovenia greece final! :)